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Diibook Ultimate

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Album & PhotoBook Design Software

Diibook Ultimate

The Diibook Ultimate album and photobook design software is the best solution for the small photo-shop that wants
to compete with the big Internet Companies.
You can expand your business in a simple way, with a software that will allow the home user to
easily create an album file and send it to your shop for printing via Internet.


Take a look at our Video presentation of the software on

YouTube Diibook Video Presentationor Diibook HD Video Presentation


- There is no fee per order.

- No expensive servers.
- You can create as many templates as you like.
The Ultimate version can export album templates using .png and .psd file format created by you in Photoshop.
- The home user can renew his templates by downloading new ones from your website and importing them into
the Diibook client version.
- The software with templates included will have less than 100MB, that will make it easy for you to spread it to
the clients by giving them a link on your website.
- The software is the fastest on the market.
- The Diibook software is using a specialized template mask technology that is far superior to the other
"fill-on-top of the background" mode used by the majority of the album designing softwares found on the
market today. The mask template allows the template designer to be much more creative and the resulted template can be a work of art.



Business Oportunity

Templates Workflow Software Features
Business Oportunity Vintage Template Workflow Diibook Client
With the Diibook Ultimate package it is very easy to penetrate the Photobook Business.

Amazing Templates. You can create and export new templates using the Photoshop integration.

With the Encounter 18C Double faced photo minilab, printing the photobook will be automatic. The Diibook Album and Photobook Design Software is the fastes software on the market.
-There is no fee per order. -PSD template import. -Automatic with Encounter 18C. -UserFriendly.
-No expensive servers. -Mask Technology. -All minilabs compatibility. -Easy to use.
-The Client Version is Free. -Auto Fill Mode. -Easy workflow. -Small download size. Only 100MB.


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